“Sustainability” Special Issue Call for Papers

Dear Colleagues,

I am going to invite all researchers and industrial sectors working on solid waste processing to consider publishing your research and innovations in the Special Issue that has recently been developed for publishing fundamental and innovative articles in the field of solid and biomass waste processing.

This special issue is called “Agricultural Crop Residue and Municipal Solid Waste to Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF)” to be published in the “Sustainability” journal. This special issue is devoted to the presentation and discussion about the characterization of plant-based residues and MSW, Ag-residues and RDF; separation and pre-sorting techniques developed for MSW and ag-residues, processing of MSW and crops residues and RDF into more valuable products, as well as the environmental and economic assessments. We welcome both fundamental and applied research in the mentioned fields. Please download the flyer here for more details.

Dr. Hamid Rezaei
Guest Editor