Analysis and optimization of corn stover logistics system

Our researcher, Dr. Mahmood Ebadian, will present the results of our ongoing study on the analysis and optimization of corn stover logistics system in the Bioindustrial Innovation Canada’s 2nd Annual BioProducts Cluster Workshop. ┬áThis study supports the establishment a cellulosic sugar plant in Sarnia using locally produced corn stover. The annual capacity of the plant is 60 million pounds of cellulosic sugar. The construction of the facility was officially announced in late February (click here). The overall objective of the study is to find the optimal corn stover logistics scenario(s) that is capable of delivering right amount of corn stover to the bio-conversion facility at the minimal cost. This study will assist the facility to make informed decisions on the number of required logistics equipment and the associated capital costs, number of labors to run the logistics equipment, number and size of biomass storage sites, size of the supply area and the operating costs of the logistics operations. This study is funded by BioFuelNet Canada.
The details of the workshop can be found here.

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