Professor Magnus Ståhl and co. from Karlstad University, Sweden introduced their biomass research

Dr. Magnus Ståhl and his collegues, Dr. Jonas Berghel and Dr. Stefan Frodeson from Karlstad University, Sweden were invited to present on June 20, 2022, during our group meeting. Dr. Ståhl and his research group, New Development for Pellet Technology (NewDeP) researched extensively on the pelletization of woody material using single pellet press, Kahl lab scale pellet mill (<20 kg/h), and industrial scale pelletizer (< 300 kg/h). Their recent review paper on single pellet press, entitled “A comparison of relevant data and results from single pellet press research is Mission Impossible: A review“, had interested many members in our group. Dr. Shahab Sokhansanj, the PI of our BBRG group, suggested to initiate a collaboration project with Dr. Ståhl and perhaps to have one of the PhD students from our research group to work with his lab at Sweden.